Detox complex RTS FIBER APi
Body detox. Reduces inflammatory process. Antiparasitic effects.
Natural prebiotics RTS FIBER W
Natural source of prebiotics. Restore the microbiome.
Fibres for women RTS FIBER WFf
Prevents hormonal imbalance. Reduces menopausal symptoms.
For liver health RTS FIBER B
Boost immunity, and helps clean the liver. Reduces cholesterol.
Fiber with spirulina RTS FIBER G
Reduces cholesterol and drug side effects. Improves heart health.
For men's health RTS FIBER MFf
Improves prostate health. Supports the functioning of the male reproductive system.
Balanced dietary fibres RTS FIBER
Restores gut microbiome, and boosts immunity.
Improves sleep quality RTS FIBER TFf
Improves sleep quality. Reduces inflammatory processes.
Fibre for metabolism RTS FIBER Y
Promotes metabolism. Improves weight control.
Chocolate drink RTS TUCA cao
Healthy chocolate drink. Pure energy for the whole family.
Strengthens immunity RTS FIBER IMc
Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Promotes sputum elimination.