Fiber complex RTS FIBER - what is it?

The fibre complex RTS FIBER is a unique combination of balanced soluble and insoluble fibre and high levels of 1,3 - 1,4 beta glucan. Obtained by special technology in the processing of barley grain and other natural ingredients. As a result of technological processes, fibre exposure is much more effective and becomes a source of vitamins and minerals, purposefully providing the body with the necessary nutrients. 1,3 – 1,4 beta glucan are powerful natural immunomodulators.

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 Microbiome – the heart of immunity. All microorganisms that live in the human body - bacteria, viruses and fungi - are called a microbiome. I

Microbiome – the heart of immunity

All microorganisms that live in the human body - bacteria, viruses, and fungi - are called a microbiome. It provides all human life processes and the body's immunity has been shown to be directly linked to the gut microbiome. This is what determines the absorption capacity of nutrients and ensures the synthesis of vitamins, hormones, and enzymes. A healthy microbiome slows down the body's aging processes.

It's not for nothing that calls the intestinal tract the heart of the immune system - it's the intestinal tract that manages the functions of the whole body. The human microbiome - is a set of all the microorganisms that live in the human body and interact with each other and the body as a whole.

The microbiome is made up of different species of bacteria found in respiratory organs, the digestive tract, the urogenital tract, as well as on the skin. The microbiome is divided into two groups: good and bad bacteria. Both of these types of bacteria need to be in balance

The gut microbiome is very fragile – its balance depends on many factors, but it is most influenced by diet, which is the cause of many serious diseases today.

The new generation fiber complex RTS FIBER provides a unique, properly balanced combination of soluble and insoluble fiber that cleans the gut, restores the balance of microflora, and activates the digestive tract. The 1,3 - 1,4 beta glucan contained are powerful immunomodulators and significantly increase the body's immunity and defences.

Beta glucan

Due to the beneficial effects of beta glucans on the body's defenses and its ability to maintain optimal levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, they have become one of the main remedy for building and strengthening immunity.

Beta-glucans are powerful immunomodulators, which are capable of affecting both innate and adaptive immunity. The use of beta-glucans greatly stimulates the body's cells' ability to capture and destroy foreign matter particles and microorganisms (phagocytosis), as well as improves the body's natural defenses and resistance to disease.

Beta-glucans reduce low-density cholesterol levels, as well as increase high - density cholesterol levels in the blood, and have a beneficial effect on fat and sugar metabolism. They also improve allergy resistance by increasing the number of TH1 lymphocytes in the blood.

The beta-glucan and prebiotics complex effectively supports the gut microbiome and promotes immunity.

Although the biological effectiveness of beta glycans decreases in acidic environments, the RTS FIBER fiber complex is obtained through a technological process that ensures resistance to stomach acid. In this way, 1,3 - 1,4 beta glucan enters the intestinal tract and can be absorbed by the body.

Beta-glucans are powerful immunomodulators, which are capable of affecting both innate and adaptive immunity.