About Us

Prevention is the most effective way to stay healthy.

Prevention is the most effective way to take care of your health, and fibre is vital for the human body. Even when eating healthy foods, it is very difficult to get the amount of fibre you need, which is why we recommend high-quality supplements as a source of additional fibre, vitamins and minerals.

In collaboration with doctors, and taking into account research on immunity, infections, autoimmune diseases by leading microbiologists in America and Europe, we have spent more than a decade studying the relationship between fiber intake and body immunity, developing a unique technology that allows fiber to be processed in a specific way and maximize its beneficial effect multiple times.

This resulted in a new generation of RTS FIBER dietary supplements based on pure soluble and insoluble bare grain barley (Hordeum vulgare) fibre in a balanced proportion. RTS FIBER contains natural immunomodulators 1,3 – 1,4 beta glucan and many other valuable ingredients to strengthen the body's natural defences and boost metabolism.

Our goal

When we start using the new-generation fiber complex RTS FIBER, the body is initially cleared of slags, intestinal function improves, and a healthy microbiome recovers. A cleansed intestinal tract and a healthy microbiome are key to the body's ability to absorb valuable nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. RTS FIBER's mission is to ensure that the intestinal tract is working and able to absorb and synthesise all the nutrients necessary for the body to function.