Mastopathy, or breast disorders, is a benign mammary gland disease linked to hormonal imbalance.

Mastopathy is a common disease - nearly every other woman faces this diagnosis. The menstrual cycle is directly linked to changes in sex hormones, and on different days of the cycle, a woman may notice that her breasts become too sensitive or painful. Pain in breasts is also a symptom of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Painful breasts should not be ignored, so we recommend regular monthly breast self-examination and, in case of confusion, a visit to a doctor.

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Symptoms of mastopathy:

Mastopathy causes a drop in the level of estrogen in the blood, causing pain that should not be ignored. In case of pain, you should see a gynecologist and have the necessary tests - ultrasonography (USG) of the breast glands and mammography. In 90% of cases of mastopathy, cysts are also found in the breast.

Causes of mastopathy:

If mastopathy is not detected and treated in a timely manner, it may contribute to breast cancer, so it is important to perform breast self - examination once a month – in the first week after periods. If you don't know how to do it properly, ask the gynecologist.

How to reduce symptoms of mastopathy

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Always consult your doctor to clarify your diagnosis and possible treatment.