Lyme disease

The tick bite can cause not only encephalitis but also Lyme disease, or limboreliosis, a dangerous infectious disease that is capable of causing serious damage to the central nervous system, heart and joints as it progresses. The number of cases is increasing in all European member states and ticks carrying the disease - causing borrelia are found on every continent of the world.

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The prevalence of infected ticks is increasing due to climate change, and with the arrival of warm weather tick activity is increasing – they are found not only in forests and meadows, but also in urban parks, home lawns and beaches.

Lyme disease is caused by spirochete bacteria - borrelia - which are transmitted by ticks. The bacteria spread through the body, affecting the nervous system, joints, skin, heart and other organs. There is no build - up of immunity after ill Lyme disease. If your immune system is weakened, you may also get a recurrent illness with limboreliosis.

The incubation period of the disease can range from a few days to several months, and its symptoms are unspecific, so Lyme disease is often not diagnosed in time.

If against tick encephalitis can be protected by vaccination, there is still no vaccine against Lyme disease and general safety precautions should be followed. The disease is diagnosed in a laboratory as well as after symptoms. Confirmed Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics.

Symptoms of Lyme disease:

If Lyme disease is not detected early or treated correctly, symptoms can appear weeks, months or even years after the tick bite. The bacteria multiply in the body and are spread through the blood to all organs. As the disease progresses, skin redness, pain and swelling in the joints appear, often affecting the knees, ankles, elbows and hands. The pain is intense and recurs regularly and may migrate to different parts of the body.

Bacteria can affect the heart, causing heart problems, resulting in heart failure. As the infection develops, various neurological diseases appear, a person experiences chronic fatigue, headaches, nausea and other complaints.

To fight infection, the body needs to be provided with the nutrients it needs.The stronger the body's protective reaction, the easier the symptoms of the disease and the better the recovery will be, and the chance of re-infection will be reduced.

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Always consult your doctor to clarify your diagnosis and possible treatment.