Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance or hormonal disorders. A woman's health depends entirely on the balance of hormones. Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, no woman is protected from hormonal imbalance, and these disorders can lead to a worsening overall  appearance, health condition and even the ability to have a baby in the world.
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Hormonal imbalance can start suddenly, especially due to reproductive system disorders or the onset of menopause, so regular menstrual cycle are one of  the signs that signal the progress of hormonal processes. From the onset of puberty to the time after menopause, a woman's reproductive system  goes through several phases of change.

Hormonal imbalance symptoms:

A significant stage in hormonal change in a woman's life, regardless of age, is pregnancy and childbirth. Women's hormones are responsible for the very main thing, the ability to conceive and carry a child, which is why it is so vital that the hormonal function is balanced.

During pregnancy, the function of all organs changes radically and major changes occur in the hormonal system. Gestational diabetes, for example, can show hormone problems that have affected the body even before pregnancy.

During this time and when planning a baby, it is important that the body receives all the vitamins and minerals it needs, as their lack can worsen the health of not just the woman but the baby. Pregnancy is a special phase of life in a woman's life and requires preparation to make things work as planned.

Also after childbirth, the body undergoes rapid changes in hormonal balance. Breastfeeding causes a loss of nutrients, so it's essential to restore vitamin and mineral reserves during this time.

The body may start to lack the nutrients needed to ensure a healthy menstrual cycle by following a long - term diet or taking unhealthy diets. Increasingly, women face difficulties in conceiving a baby, driven largely by hormonal imbalance fueled by prolonged stress, medication, environmental detrimental effects, unhealthy foods (food supplements, sweeteners, flavour enhancers and others).

Digestive disorders prevent the body from efficiently absorbing the nutrients it needs effectively, disrupt toxin output, and there is no hormone synthesis that causes hormonal imbalance.

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After a full course of RTS FIBER WFF, hormonal action balances, while symptoms of disbalance decrease or disappear altogether.

We also recommend taking other RTS FIBER fibre products to improve intestinal function, boost metabolism and provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

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Always consult your doctor to clarify your diagnosis and possible treatment.