Metabolism has a major impact on the normal functioning of our bodies. It is the exchange of various substances between our organism and the environment. It consists of the consumption of nutrients, their conversion, use and the excretion of any by-products. The process of metabolism depends on various factors: your age, lifestyle, genetic factors, the number of meals you have and how balanced and healthy your diet is. The muscle - mass and fat ratio of the body is also a key factor - the greater it is, the faster your metabolism. Once your metabolism gets boosted, calories get burnt more efficiently and less fat gets stored. But when your metabolism slows down, calories aren’t burnt as efficiently and fat gets held back in your body in order to maintain an energy storage.

The activity of metabolism determines how quickly a person loses their extra kilograms or gains muscle mass. Various diets, drugs and lifestyle changes can destroy your metabolism.

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Metabolism isn’t just a process in your gut. Metabolism is carried out in every cell of the body - it is significantly influenced by healthy intestinal microflora (microbiome). Your microbiome is responsible for the sensible consumption of nutrients, vitamins and microelements of the body. In addition, the balance of your microbiome directly depends on the soluble and insoluble fibre intake. RTS FIBER contains soluble and insoluble fibre. Balanced fibre is a vital component for the formation of a healthy gut microbiome.

To triumph in sports, maintaining a well - balanced diet is key. Not only nutrients, but also vitamins and microelements should be included in your diet, as they are crucial for enzymatic reactions, nerve impulse transmission and other processes carried out in the body. When meal - planning, your body’s needs should be taken into consideration. The larger the work load, the higher the demand for nutrients and energy.

Energy in the human body is used for various physiological processes: muscle work, maintaining organ function (such as the heart - beat and breathing), metabolism, biosynthesis of products, production of heath, tissue formation, regeneration and the regulation of bodily functions.

When thinking of physical activities and a healthy, balanced diet, we cannot forget about sufficient water intake. During physical activities 200 to 250 millilitres of water should be consumed every 15 to 20 minutes depending on the intensity and external factors during the workout.  During an intensive workout as much as 1 - 2 l of sweat can get excreted in an hour. It can get quite hard to retain this amount of fluid in a short period of time. In the period of long - term restoration, water containing electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorides, sulphites) should be consumed.

Overconsumption of water or sport drinks damages the kidneys, due to the massive amount of fluids to filtrate. The natural sodium in the body cannot manage the extra water intake, leading to cellular oedema that in severe cases can damage health.

RTS FIBER G fibre drink helps to restore energy, vitamins and microelement loss, so you can continue your work - out with sufficient intensity. RTS FIBER Y contains squalene, which can deliver oxygen to every cell of the body including the organs, thus enhancing physical endurance.

Athletes often use protein powders as an extra source of protein that is needed when training intensively, but they contain artificial sweeteners and dyes that adversely affect the gut microbiome.  RTS FIBER reduces these harmful effects by helping the body get rid of harmful substances faster and improving liver and kidney function and restores and maintains a healthy microbiome

Working out moderately improves one’s immunity, but it is not as simple with the high intensity training that top athletes do. With these high intensity workouts, athletes experience the so - called “risk window”- a period of time when the immunity is weakened, and it can last for several hours after the workout. Physiologically it is due to oxidative stress during physical activity when the function of leukocytes is supressed and the immunity deteriorates.

Athletes that work out with high intensity regularly have a weaker immunity than people who do not exercise at all. High - ranking athletes should be cautious after practice, otherwise they can acquire various viruses and other diseases. In many cases athletes get sick with various acute infectious diseases in the time period of their practice with the highest physical activity.

Immunity is the body’s defence system and works like a shield, protecting it from antigens and pathogens. The immunity’s main function is to maintain the body’s ability to fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites and to control bodily changes at a cellular level.

During sports various types of trauma are not rare and are treated with medications that cause serious side effects. In the recovery process it is crucial to supply your body with all of the necessary nutrients. RTS FIBER contains all of the body’s required vitamins and microelements. Fibre provides the absorption of vitamins and microelements and their further logistics in the organism, reduces drug induced side effects.

RTS FIBER W stimulates the gastrointestinal system, regulates blood cholesterol levels, promotes regular bowel movements, prevents constipation, restores the microbiome and promotes wholesome nutrient absorption.

RTS FIBER G promotes cholesterol excretion from the blood vessels and reduces the risk of development of atherosclerosis. It supplies the heart with the necessary nutrients, improves thyroid gland function, is a great source of vitamins and microelements, and reduces the formation or haemorrhoids.

RTS FIBER B possesses antibacterial and antiviral effects, reduces inflammatory processes. It stimulates renal activity and reduces oedema, improves liver function and prevents lipid deposition in the liver, as well as maintains normal glucose levels in the blood.

RTS FIBER Y consists of 18 of the 20 amino acids including the essential lysine and methionine. It also contains the natural antioxidant squalene and reduces cravings for sweets, strengthens immunity, stimulates skin regeneration. RTS FIBER Y promotes protein digestion, stimulates the excretion of lipids and improves metabolism.

Next - generation fibre complex RTS FIBER should be used regularly in during increased physical workload. All RTS FIBER products contain 1,3 – 1,4 beta glucan - a natural immunomodulator. RTS FIBER is 100% natural, does not contain any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, therefore it does not cause any additional damage to the body.

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