The fibre complex RTS FIBER W, RTS FIBER B, RTS FIBER G, RTS FIBER Y and RTS TUCA CAO can be used by the whole family, including children from the age of 3 years. Can be used for extended period, it cannot be overdosed.

The RTS FIBER course always starts with RTS FIBER W, which promotes gut movement and improves gastrointestinal function, promotes absorption capacity of valuable nutrients, and increases exposure to other RTS FIBER products.

The RTS FIBER W, RTS FIBER G, RTS FIBER B and RTS FIBER Y prophylactic kit ensures the full functioning of the body - improving metabolism, promoting the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and vitamins, supplying the body with necessary nutrients, restoring and maintaining a healthy balance of the gut microbiome, and strengthening the body's natural defences. The fiber complex reduces the side effects of the medication used and can be taken with the medication. The gut is cleared during the fibre course and the medication works more effectively, so it is preferable to review the required dose of medication to avoid overdose. It is preferable to drink at least 1,5 litres of water during the day.

As the body purifies, a rash can appear on the shoulders, arms and face. They pass within 3 to 5 days. Fibre can be used for long periods of time, both during chemotherapy and after surgery and during rehabilitation.

How do I start using RTS FIBER?

If your daily diet lacks fiber, there may be a slight sense of discomfort at the start of RTS FIBER use - stomach bloating, slight abdominal pain, changes in abdominal output as your body has to get used to fiber.

RTS FIBER is started at the lowest dose. The first two days are taken 5 g a day, increasing to 10 g (about 2 to 3 teaspoons) a day in the following days. If there is no discomfort, the dose should be increased to 14 g per day from day five onwards.

Making the drink

Always use RTS FIBER as described. If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients, follow the precautionary instructions.

Pour the powder into a glass, add cool water, stir and drink. Take once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 - 40 minutes before meals. If it is not possible to take in the mornings, take 10 g in the evenings two hours after meals and two hours before bed. A kitchen scales is recommended for accurate dosing.

For children from 3 years of age, fibre powder can be added to breakfast cereals, yoghurt or milk. To avoid losing the effectiveness of the fibre, do not add it to hot foods and drinks. RTS TUCA cao is a healthy treat for children. Milk or water up to +35° can be used for its preparation.

The RTS FIBER fibre complex can also be used during the day. Mixing the powder with more water makes it easy to take with you in a sports drink bottle or mug. Quench your thirst and reduce your hunger on rides, hikes or during a gym activities. Shake before use.

RTS FIBER WFf should be taken as indicated in the product description, following the recommended dosage.

For colds and sore throats, RTS FIBER APi and RTS FIBER IMc can also be taken during the day, between meals. Note that RTS FIBER APi has a specific taste.


Smoothieand chocolate drink

Make a delicious smoothie with berries, greens, nuts, and seeds and add RTS FIBER. With fibre complex RTS FIBER W, RTS FIBER B, RTS FIBER G, RTS FIBER Y and RTS TUCA cao you'll get a healthy and filling breakfast or a delicious snacks between meals. Kids will taste too. Smoothie can become a delicious and healthy daily family ritual. It is important not to add artificial sweeteners and sugars when making smoothies. Use flavours and additives that you prefer and mix everything with milk or yoghurt.

When making a chocolate drink, add more RTS TUCA cao for a more intense flavour and creamier texture. The drink can be decoreited with a whipped milk cap and small marshmallows. The drink can be poured into a thermo mug to take with you on your daily routine. In summer, make a refreshing chocolate drink RTS TUCA cao with milk and ice. Garnish with fresh berries or a warm frothed milk cap.

The RTS TUCA cao chocolate energy drink is a great alternative to fast food and sweetened snacks. It restores energy and creates a sense of satiety, supplies the body with a unique combination of vitamins and minerals. People with overweight problems and diabetes can take because the drink has a low glycaemic index.