Soluble and non-soluble  fibers is essential part of our daily menu. Due to our daily routine, we are not always able to ensure wholesome, balanced menu, and therefore our body starts to run out of the relevant vitamins and minerals. Intestinal canal becomes indolent and results in irregular intestinal habits.

If there are no serious complaints on health, we recommend preventive use of RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber. The recommended course would comprise RTS FIBER W two packs (two weeks), RTS FIBER G two packs (two weeks), RTS FIBER B two packs (two weeks), and RTS FIBER Y two packs (two weeks). Full preventive course lasts two months.

Alternatively, a short preventive course can be taken instead: RTS FIBER W one packing (one week), RTS FIBER G one packing (one week), RTS FIBER B one packing (one week), and RTS FIBER Y one packing (one week).

RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber helps to restore and optimize microbiome – composition of bacteria in gastrointestinal tract. Microbiome has most direct effect on our immunity; it is responsible for absorption of vitamins and minerals.

RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber helps to effectively detox gastrointestinal tract and forms through fermentation short-chain fatty acids that directly reduce low-density lipoprotein level in blood thus effectively decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis. Barley fibers facilitate the activity of digestion system and regulate abdominal activity thus preventing the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. Soluble and non-soluble barley fibers if used concurrently in proper proportions help to restore intestinal microbiome, improve intestinal peristalsis, reduce fatty liver and have favorable effect on cardiovascular system due to restored elasticity of blood vessels.

RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber helps to improve the activity of pancreas thus reducing blood glucose level and improving the activity of kidney and livers. RTS FIBER products restore and maintain vitamin and mineral reserves in human body, they possess antioxidant properties. All RTS FIBER products contain 1.3-1.4 Beta glycan that strengthens immune system and stimulates natural protective functions of the body (powerful immuno-modulating and anti-cancer effect).

The products reduce addiction to sweets, restore taste and smell. Improve weight control along with balanced diet.

The need for prescription medicines and their dosage should be reviewed during and after the course. The detoxed intestinal tract has increased capacity for absorption of medicines, and therefore medicines can be overdosed.

The course is recommended before scheduled surgery to prepare the body for the relevant manipulations and successful post-surgical period. Medical therapy is much more effective, and recovery is more successful.

We recommend preventive use of RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber. RTS FIBER W helps to decontaminate and normalize activity of intestinal tract, improves digestion and prevents formation of cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.  RTS FIBER B improves the activity of pancreas and helps to maintain blood glucose level, facilitates liver detox, prevents constipations. RTS FIBER G strengthens heart and blood vessels, reduces the risk of thrombus formation, improves the activity of thyroid gland and reduces the risk of hemorrhoid formation. RTS FIBER Y facilitates metabolism processes, helps to maintain Vitamin D level; it contains squalene that attracts and supplies oxygen to tissues and organs.

RTS FIBER complex of soluble and non-soluble barley fiber is compatible with medicines, chemical therapy and other procedures and helps to reduce adverse effects thereof.

May be used twice a day in mornings - 14g (~ 3tsp.)  30-40 min before breakfast and in evening - 10g (~2tsp.) 2 hours before sleep. The product cannot be overdosed.

May be used by children over 3 years in proportionally reduced dose. May be added to milk or yoghurt.

RTS FIBER contains no sweeteners, preservation agents and flavoring agents harmful to human body. We recommend regular use with small intervals to maintain and improve the achieved result.

The course has no adverse side effects. The product is made of 100% natural ingredients and easily absorbed in human body. Contains gluten.

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RTS FIBER helps to restore energy, vitamins and microelement loss, so you can continue your work-out with sufficient intensity.

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RTS FIBE - the next generation complex of fiber with high level of beta-glucan, presents material benefit to human health.