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Female Health

Hormone imbalance. Menopause. Mastopathy. Cysts.

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Lyme Disease

A tick bike can cause not only encephalitis but also Lyme disease.

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The diagnose oncologic disease can change the life – work, relations, future plans.

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Weight Control

Overweight and obesity has nowadays become one of the most crucial problems worldwide.

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Gastrointestinal disorders, digestive disorders

A vast majority of people experience daily indigestion and manifestations thereof.

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Microbiome – the heart of immunity

Microbiome – the set of bacteria accommodated in human body – performs much more functions than believed earlier.

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Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are still among the most common causes of disability and death worldwide.

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To protect human body, immunity may be neither weakened nor excessively active.

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Thousands of people are diagnosed diabetes every day.

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RTS FIBE - the next generation complex of fiber with high level of beta-glucan, presents material benefit to human health.

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Fibers are essential in our daily menu. They are necessary for normal functioning of human body.