About us

Based on the studies of infections, autoimmune diseases conducted by the leading microbiologists of the USA and Europe, and collaboration with medicine professionals, we have been studying relation between the consumption of fibers  and immunity of human body more than ten years, and we have developed a unique know-how based technology for processing of fiber in a particular way to increase their beneficial effect several times.

Fibers  are vitally essential for human body. Unfortunately, one can hardly consume the required amount of fibers even from healthy food, and therefore we recommend to use high quality food supplements as an additional source of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

So the next generation biologic supplement RTS FIBER was developed based on pure soluble and non-soluble fiber of  barley (Hordeumm vulgare) in a specially balanced proportion. They contain beta-glucan, the most powerful natural immuno-modulator, supplemented with other valuable components that help to improve protective capacities of a human body. 

Our objective

When you start using the next generation complex of fiber RTS FIBER, toxins are excreted from your body and activity of gastrointestinal tract is improved, a healthy microbiome is restored. Decontaminated intestinal tract and healthy microbiome is the first precondition to enable absorption of valuable nutrients, vitamins and microelements. The purpose of RTS FIBER is enabling optimum activity of intestinal tract and absorption of all nutrients relevant to the functioning of human body.